The Stockton Farm Table

The Stockton Farm Table


The Stockton Farm Table is the flagship piece in the Louden Furniture line. It was the first piece designed and created by the Craftsman David L. Louden and was the inspiration for the continually growing line of the Louden Furniture Company.

The Stockton Farm Table is available in the following sizes: 6’  $1475.00 7’  $1575.00 7-1/2’ $1650.008’  $1825.009’ with fifth leg.  $2125.0010’ with fifth leg  $2225.00

..also available in 11′ & 12′

Each base is constructed of yellow pine, each leg being individually hand-turned and attached to the apron using large “mortise and tenon” joints. Each joint is secured with square oak pegs making them almost indestructible.  


The top is made from rough cut yellow pine, hand planed, distressed, and finisheto bring out the natural beauty of the wood while adding the worn, used charm of an old country table


Each top is attached to the hand painted base using the old method of “shrink blocks” which allows the top to expand and contract without cracking the top.

Each of the pieces in the Louden Furniture line are all serial numbered, dated and signed by both David L. Louden and the Amish built pieces, by John Miller. On all of our Stockton Farm Tables for instance, John Miller who  builds the bases, will sign the inside of the apron directly on the wood. David Louden’s signature will appear on the Louden Furniture Co. authenticity certificate or “craftsman’s label” on the under-side of the farm table top its self.


This label is also where the serial number and date the table was finished will be located. This Craftsman’s label helps distinguish each our pieces as the works of craftsmanship and art that they truly are … and each piece being unique to all others.

One of the most beautiful and unique aspects of our tables, is of course… the tops. The hand planning and distressing add the character of loved and worn use.


But a beautiful table top starts with using the right lumber. All of our table tops are made from 100% solid Georgia Yellow pine. I get all of our yellow pine from Reed Lumber Co. in Chattsworth, Georgia. The good folks there are kind enough to let me go on to their lot and literally dig through 100’s of thousands of board feet of lumber to find just the right boards for truly one-of-a-kind tops.


Sometimes it can take hours to find exactly the right boards to build only two or three tables… I’m usually a little bit picky! Often my daughter Peyton will come with me and help dig through the mountains of 2×12’s and we’ll leave with my old pickup truck loaded down with all it can carry… about three tables worth max. I am and will always be grateful to Mt. Yonah Lumber for allowing me free reign on their lot to find what I need… without their kindness it would be so much harder for us to build the furniture that we do!




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