Which Is Your Favorite?

The Craftsman

The Louden Furniture line is built entirly by David Louden and John Miller and Family .. David began outsourcing much of the construction of the raw unfinished pieces to John in 2007 to help keep up with the growing demand for his furniture – this great arrangement freed him up to concentrate on the finishing, reproduction painting , construction of all of the table tops and custmer service … and with John’s skill as a craftsman, no quality was lost by David not having to actually build or supervise the construction of all of his pieces himself. … oh yea, and John’s shop is run totally without electricity- how cool is that!!??

Here are short bios of both men:

Farm Tables

David L. Louden craftsman/artist/owner

After the birth of their daughter Peyton in 1995, David decided to leave Garret Cabinet and opened The Woodworks full time. By this time he was building almost as much reproduction furniture and cabinetry as he was doing furniture restoration. This combination of furniture restoration and the building of Early American Reproduction furniture was a perfect fit for David for many years – but then in 2007 it became apparent that to properly do either, he would need to concentrate on only one … so that is when he decided to devote all his time to building reproduction furniture only … and started the Louden Furniture Company!
Farm Tables
FARM TABLE workshop

John Miller craftsman

John Miller was also born in the same rural Old Order Amish community of Western New York that David was … although they never knew each other growing up, they both learned the value of honesty, integrity and helping others in the same close knit community — and John is actually Amish 🙂

Johns favorite place as a child was in his grandfather’s small woodworking shop, which was literally a storehouse of treasures for a young boy with an inventive mind and a knack for building things!
After John finished his 8th grade education in the Amish one room schoolhouse he attended, his family moved to Kentucky where he spent his teen years as an apprentice in a woodworking shop, building rustic Bent Hickory Rocking Chairs and further developing his woodworking skills.

In 2000, Jonn married his wife Barbara – together they set up a shop and struck out on their own … still building rockers but also mixing in custom furniture, cabinets and anything that came their way. A year later their son Jacob was born – to help make ends meet, John took a temporary job with a construction crew doing carpentry work. Although building barns was also interesting work, his first love was building furniture. As time went on, more and more John’s name became associated with quality craftsmanship. His
business was able to grow to the point he was able to quit his job building barns and work at home building just custom furniture!

In 2006, John met David Louden and a year later began building much of the Louden Furniture line as he still does to this day.
John and his family now live on their own homestead in a small Amish community in Central Kentucky and lives the slower, low tech lifestyle of the Amish.
John loves antique tools and time honored methods of work – this is reflected in his craftsmanship as the skill and attention to detail that shows in his work.

John is truly thankful for the opportunity to do what he loves along with his family, teaching his son the craft and passing on a tradition of excellence.

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