John Millers Shop

John Millers Shop in Annville, KY is run entirely without electricity┬á … a good deal of the Louden Furniture Line is built here on this peaceful Amish farm by John and his family

Hand-turning table legs

Hi everybody! All of our turnings are still done entirely by hand ­čÖé Here is a link from an old web site of mine that kind of explains how I have always turned the legs for my tables over the years .. even though John turns the majority of our turnings now, they are...


WOW … we have a blog now!! I hope you all will stop in from time to time and see what’s going on at Louden Furniture!! … hopefully we will soon have a way that you can subscribe to it if you’d like ­čÖé Have a wonderful day! –...

Welcome To Louden Furniture!

We are so glad you are here! Our unique hand made, Amish inspired, beautiful furniture is highly sought after. We only offer to a limited amount of retailers. Want to own a piece? Contact us, we can help find a retailer in your area. Or, if we do not have a retailer...